Our Courses

Key Training Solutions invest heavily in the training and welfare of our staff, and review our procedures regularly to ensure that they continue to exceed minimum standards and ethics. Training and supervision is continuously on-going – to the very high standard of service that one would expect from a quality training company. We provide fully trained, qualified and experienced training instructors to meet the needs of your organisation to ensure that your business and staff can operate and work more effectively and safely.

Manual Handling

Our training instructors deliver high quality, interactive classes which are designed to engage with the attendee and encourages feedback about their real-life working environments.  The course presentation includes both slideshow and practical demonstrations and is rounded up with a written assessment to ensure that the transfer of knowledge was effective.  Qualities that we look for in our instructors are patience and passion and these are indicative in the delivery of the course material by the friendly atmosphere encouraged in each class.

Our Manual Handling course will teach the attendees about human physiology, legislation and best practice.  Each attendee will be required to individually demonstrate their understanding of this best practice.  Following a successful written assessment, certificates of competence will be issued to each student.

Quality Customer Service

Key Training Solutions will equip your staff the knowledge of the importance and benefits of Quality Customer Service.  They will be educated in the requirements of the customer and will understand the essentials of what a customer looks for from a supplier.

Complaint analysis and resolution will also be discussed along with techniques of how complaints can be turned into opportunities.

This course is presentation through a slideshow and participant interaction followed by an assessment.  Certification will then be distributed to each attendee.

Key Training Solutions

Retail Security Training

Retail Ireland published a survey which found that each year crime related inventory losses in the retail sector cost over half a billion euros in sales value.

Key Training Solutions offer a course in Retail Security Training whereby your staff and management will be made aware of the effects larceny has on business.  They are taught how to prevent theft and detect crime, while protecting your business and employees from legal claims by following the correct processes leading to the arrest of a shoplifter.

Man stealing from shop